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Huion Pen Display Kamvas 13

Panel kaca anti-silau penuh-laminasi: lebih akurat dan alami
Dukungan Kemiringan: 60 level pengakuan kemiringan
Pena tanpa baterai PW507: memberikan pengalaman menggambar yang lebih akurat dan alami
Ukuran ringkas 13 inci: ukuran ringkas dan mudah dibawa
120% sRGB color gamut: menyajikan gamut warna yang lebih luas
4 tombol ekspres dan 1 panel sentuh: pengaturan penghemat waktu yang efisien, simpan kunci express favorit Anda di jari Anda

Rp 3,990,000

Huion HS64 Special Edition

supports operation on Android,
which makes it convenient to draw outdoors, since I can use it with my Andriod phone

8192 pressure sensitivity levels
which ensures lines input to be rendered as different shapes as pressure applied to the pen changes.

266PPS report rate
enables lines input to follow tight at my heels, without compromising of accuracy and consistency.

programmable press keys
here must be helpful to make my day more productive. That's so cool!

a battery-free digital pen
That brings my works to another level.
And now, it is time to feast your eyes on my creations.

Rp 750,000

Huion Pen Display Kamvas Pro 13

Easy to Carry Around

The 13.3″ screen provides ample working area. KAMVAS Po 13 is slim and light- 11 mm in thickness and weights 1 kg only! It is portable, easy to carry around. Your workplace could be quickly setup anywhere.
Full-laminated anti-glare glass panel, less offset

Thanks to the full-laminated screen technology, the stroke you drew is accurate and natural, and almost without offset. Besides, the screen surface is covered with anti-glare glass, effectively reducing the “glare” effect and providing better protection for your eyesight.
8192 levels pen pressure with tilt function

Comes with 8192 levels of pen pressure, PW507 battery-free pen is easy to achieve pixel-level painting display. Plus with ±60 degrees of natural tilt recognition, you will have much more fun when drawing.
The highest 266 PPS report rate

Comes with the industry’s highest report rate, you can have better performance and quicker response when working on the pen display.
120% sRGB color gamut

Adopting the same color space as digital printing which covers 120% sRGB color gamut, this device cannot only provide users with a wider field of view but also present a wider color gamut, offering richer colors and more natural transition.
4 express keys and 1 touch bar

The combination of 4 express keys and 1 touch bar cannot only save your time but also enhance your productivity. You are free to set up your preference express keys.
The new designed adjustable stand

With the integrated folding design, you are easy to open the stand, you don’t need to spend lots of time to set up the stand. Also, thanks to the anti-slip design, the stand enjoys extravagant stability. The surface of the stand is made of aluminium alloy, giving it a fashionable look.

OS Compatibility: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X10.12 or above.
Graphic Software Compatibility: all major programs and more.

12 months.

In the box
  • KAMVAS Pro 13
  • PW507 battery free pen (8192)
  • Pen Holder with 10 pen nibs inside
  • 3-in-1 Cable
  • Power adapter
  • Plugs and stand
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Quick Start Guide

Rp 4,500,000

HUION Inspiroy Pen Tablet H950P

his H950P has add Tilt function, it is upgrade version.

-Natural tilt support

Newly added tilt recognition in H950P can help you to create more natural strokes in applications that support tilt-sensitivity.

-No Bondage

Using Huion’s latest generation of passive technology which means you can say goodbye to the battery and rechargeable pen. Allowing users to work without constraints.

-Smooth and Natural Writing Experience

The top surface is made of high-end wear-resistant fiber material. After several times polished,
it gives the user a smooth and natural writing experience, just like writing in the paper.

-Portable and Fashionable

It can meet the user’s requirement of portable because it is only 497g in weight and 8mm in thickness. It can also meet the user’s requirement of fashionable because of its bezel-less design.

-Professional Configuration

It is equipped with the industry's highest 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 233PPS report rate, and 5080LPI screen resolution. The professional configuration makes every stroke more fluent and 8.7 5.4 inch working area provides the user with the most comfortable size to work.

-Convenient Shortcuts

Saving your time and improving your working efficiency thanks to the 8 Customizable press Keys.


Support OS: Windows 7or later, Mac 10.11 or later version.


One year

-What's in the box?

Graphics Tablet
Battery-free Pen
Micro USB Cable
Pen Holder(8 Nibs inside and Integrated with Clip)
Quick Start Guide

Rp 1,130,000

HUION Inspiroy Pen Tablet 640P free Battery

HUION H640P Graphics Pen Tablet with Battery-Free Pen

The most comfortable size for creating and carrying.
H640P is extremely portable graphics pen tablet with a battery-free stylus and you can virtually take it anywhere. This tablet is lighter than a magazine and as thin as a mobile phone 8mm in thickness only!

H640P graphics pen tablet delivers professional performance thanks to 233 rps report rate, 5080 lpi surface resolution and 8192 pen pressure sensitivity levels. The latest generation of passive electromagnetic technology brings continuous unleashing of creative inspirations.

1610 cm / 6.3x3.9 inch working area is sufficient and compact. The smooth paper-like texture, bezel-less design, and round corners give this tablet soft look and feel. It has 6 customizable press keys and there are 2 additional keys on a pen. Keys functionalities are easy to set according to your needs for better efficiency and more enjoyment.

Huion H640P comes with a battery-free stylus with 8196 pressure levels. Say goodbye to the pen charging cable! A pen is light and sturdy and easy to hold and use. Stylus is only 16g in weight. The grip area is made of silicone rubber for a comfortable feel and a good grip. Press bar on the pen has two keys functionality, which can be personalized just like any press key on the tablet.

Compatibility: Windows7/8/8.1/10 and Mac 10.11.0 or later versions.

12 months guarantee

In the box
  • Huion H640P graphics tablet
  • Battery Free Pen PW100
  • Pen Holder with 8 replacement pen nibs inside
  • Micro USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Rp 580,000

HUION Inspiroy Pen Tablet H430P free Battery

HUION H430P Graphics Pen Tablet with Battery-Free Pen
H430P is great for beginner artist, gamer, film editing and digital signature. It can also be used as a mouse replacement.

H430P Portability

H430P graphics tablet is light and compact. It is small and thin, 186.6 x 139.2 x 6.1mm and it weighs 135g only, it is lighter than most mobile phones. You can take it on the go easily and set it up anywhere. Detachable USB cable makes the tablet even more portable.

Battery-free Pen
The enclosed PW201 pen is battery-free pen. No charging any more and no need to worry for pen discharging in the middle of your favorite game or during your work.

4096 Pressure Levels
H430P has 4096 pen pressure levels sensitivity which enhance accuracy when drawing or playing game.

4 Customizable Express Keys

Any key can be customized according to your preferences, e.g. undo, choose brush, paste It is designed to make your work or gaming easier.

Perfect for OSU!

H430P is perfect tablet for playing OSU! 4.8 x 3 inch active area let you get more control with your pace and accuracy in the game. More points and more fun!

Compatibility: Windows7/8/8.1/10 and Mac 10.11.0 or later versions.

12 months guarantee

In the box
  • Huion H430P graphics tablet
  • Battery Free Pen PW201
  • 8 replacement pen nibs and pen nib clip
  • Micro USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Rp 475,000
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