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DJI Spark Part 1 Inteligent Battery

An intelligent battery dedicated to Spark. With a capacity of 1480 mAh and voltage of 11.4 V, it enables a flight time of 16 minutes when fully charged. Spark uses a high energy density Li-Po battery for optimal performance. 12 intelligent protection functions help deliver safe flight. Additionally, Spark's battery estimates remaining flight time, letting you know when to land in real-time. 16 min flight time.* 12 intelligent protection functions. Check flight time left in real-time. *Flight speed of 12.4 mph (20 kph) in windless conditions. In the Box Spark - Intelligent Flight Battery 1 Specifications Capacity: 1480 mAh Voltage: 11.4 V Battery Type: Li-Po 3S Energy: 16.87 Wh Net Weight: Approx. 0.2 lbs. (95 g) Charging Temperature Range: 41 degrees F to 104 degrees F (5 degrees C to 40 degrees C)
  • 16 min flight time.*
  • 12 intelligent protection functions.
  • Check flight time left in real-time.

Rp. 899,000

DJI Mavic Part 26 Inteligent Battery Black

Intelligent Flight Battery (3,830mAh/11.4V) specially designed for the Mavic. Built-in sensors and bright LEDs tell you the status and remaining power of your battery in real time. Charge with Mavic Battery Charger or Mavic Battery Charging Hub.
  • (3,830mAh/11.4V). Battery Type: LiPo 3S
  • Built-in sensors. Capacity: 3830 mAh
  • bright LEDs tell you the status and remaining power of your battery

Rp. 1,500,000

DJI Remote Controller For Spark

Take full control of your Spark quadcopter with the Remote Controller from DJI. The Remote Controller features an enhanced, dual-band Wi-Fi signal transmission system that allows it to communicate with the Spark from up to 1.2 miles away. When using the Spark in Sport Mode, the Remote Controller allows you to fly it at speeds of up to 31 mph. You can also connect the controller to your compatible smartphone, enabling you to watch a live feed from the Spark's onboard camera on your mobile device.

Rp. 2,350,000

DJI ND Filters Set (ND4/8/16)

Avoid overexposed photos when shooting with your Mavic Pro quadcopter with this 3-pack of ND Filters from DJI. This set includes ND4, ND8, and ND16 filters. ND filters reduce the amount of light coming into the sensor, allowing you more control over the camera's aperture, exposure time, and sensor sensitivity.

ND4 Filter                                                                                             Allows 1/4 of incoming light through, equal to a 2-stop filter

ND8 Filter
Allows 1/8 of incoming light through, equal to a 3-stop filter
ND16 Filter
Allows 1/16 of incoming light through, equal to a 4-stop filter

Rp. 600,000

DJI Mavic Part 22 8330 Quick Release Folding Propeller

The 8330 Quick Release Folding Propellers for Mavic Drone from DJI features a set of two propellers, one for each rotational direction. The propellers are folding to reduce the overall size of the Mavic for transport. Additionally, a quick release mechanism makes swapping propellers out a snap.

Rp. 175,000

DJI Propeller Guard For Spark

The DJI Prop Guard will protect the propeller blades of your Spark quadcopter in the event of crash

Rp. 299,000

DJI OSMO Part 53 Intelligent Battery

Designed specifically for the Osmo, the Intelligent Battery provides packs 980mAh of power and intelligent battery-saving features. Recharge using the Osmo Intelligent Battery Charger.

Rp. 550,000

DJI Drone Phantom 4 Part 64 Intelligent Flight 5870mAH Battery

Your smartphone has a great camera, but are you getting tired of all that shaky footage? The black Osmo Mobile Gimbal brings DJI's expertise in aerial and pro video gimbal technology to the smartphone world. It allows you to capture smooth footage while shooting handheld, even when tracking a moving subject. With the DJI GO app, you can use the Osmo Mobile Gimbal to create time-lapse videos, panoramas, and even stream stabilized footage live for the world to see. There are also separately available mounting options, opening up shooting possibilities still further.

Rp. 2,700,000

DJI Drone OSMO 3-Way Tripod Black

Place the Osmo securely on almost any surface.
Two different sizes are supported: 160 mm (radius) x 45 mm (height); and 260 mm (radius) x 58 mm (height)

Rp. 825,000
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