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Feelworld F6 Plus 5.5 Inc 4K On Camera Monitor

Monitor FeelWorld F6 Plus 5,5 "4K HDMI dilengkapi tampilan layar sentuh dengan resolusi 1920 x 1080 dan kecerahan 500 cd / m². Monitor ini mendukung sinyal input HDMI hingga DCI 4K24 dan UHD 4K30, dan menyediakan output HDMI untuk menghubungkan ke nirkabel pemancar, monitor on-set yang lebih besar, dan perangkat lain. LUT dalam format .cube didukung melalui slot kartu SD untuk melihat profil S-Log2, S-Log3, V-Log, dan Log-C dalam ruang warna Rec. 709.

Sejumlah besar fitur perangkat lunak termasuk bentuk gelombang, vektor lingkup, histogram, dan mode anamorphic. Ini dapat diakses melalui roda menu di bagian atas monitor. Sistem menu sederhana dengan tab layar sentuh di samping dan tampilan yang bersih, dan menyediakan tampilan langsung dari sebagian besar pengaturan saat Anda membuka tab, termasuk di tab LUT di mana profil log dapat dipilih.

Beberapa opsi daya termasuk input 12 VDC, output 8 VDC untuk menghubungkan kabel baterai dummy opsional, port USB Type-C untuk bank daya, dan slot baterai yang menerima baterai seri-L di satu sisi atau baterai LP-E6 di sisi lain, secara bergantian. Sebuah ulir pemasangan 1/4 "-20 tersedia di sisi bawah, atas, dan kanan.

Fitur Utama

  • Tampilan layar sentuh dengan resolusi 1920 x 1080
  • Kecerahan 500 cd / m²
  • Sinyal input HDMI hingga DCI 4K24 dan UHD 4K30
  • Output HDMI untuk menghubungkan ke pemancar nirkabel, dll.
  • Slot kartu SD untuk mengunggah LUT untuk melihat profil S-Log2
  • S-Log3, V-Log, dan Log-C dalam ruang warna Rec 709
  • Input 12 VDC, output 8 VDC untuk kabel baterai dummy opsional, port USB Type-C untuk bank daya
  • Slot baterai tunggal menerima baterai seri-L di satu sisi atau baterai LP-E6 di sisi lain
  • Tiga ulir pemasangan 1/4 "-20
Fitur Software
  • Parade (RGB, YUV, Y)
  • Vectorscope
  • Histogram
  • Peaking focus assist
  • False colors
  • Zebra exposure (1 to 100%)
  • Scan Mode (underscan, overscan)
  • Zoom (100 to 300%)
  • Anamorphic mode (1.25x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.0x)
  • Pixel to pixel
  • Nine gird
  • Center marker
  • Safety marker (70%, 80%, 90%, 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 5:4, 1.85:1, 2.35:1)
  • Ratio Marker (16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 1.85:1, 2.35:1)
  • Marker color (red, green, blue, white, black, yellow)
  • Check field (red, green, blue, gray)
  • Image flip (H, V, H/V)
  • Image freeze
  • Color temperature adjustment

Rp 3,500,000

Feelword F6 5.7inc On Camera Monitor

  • Rec.709 Color calibration
  • Focus Assist (Red, Green, Blue)
  • Zebra and False Color function
  • Camera Mode
  • Image Zoom-in
  • Anamorphic Mode
  • Image Flip/ Image Freeze/ Image Nine Grid
  • Pixel to Pixel/
  • Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Tint
  • Temp Adjustment./ Earphone output

    Rp 3,300,000

    Feelword F5 5inc On Camera Monitor

    Let Your Video Shooting Become Easier
    • FEELWORLD has been committed to providing the comprehensive broadcast monitoring and solutions for the professional filmmakers. Whether the upgrade of the excellent display technology from HD to FHD or to UHD 4K resolution, FEELWORLD aims to support the professional creators to obtain the greater benefits and to create more exciting stories, with the most advanced technology to improve the production efficiency.
    FEELWORLD Monitor is A Must-have Accessory for Your Shooting Setup.

    • When you’ve put together rigs made up of powerful equipment, you want to be able to see shots that so much work has now gone into getting to that point. No matter the setup, whether it’s a shoulder rig, gimbal, tripod, or handheld, you need a FEELWORLD monitor for all your setups which allow you to see, in perfect definition, make sure your shot in focus and accurate exposure, what you are shooting so that you know that the shot you are working hard to get is truly stellar.

    Flexible for Your Creative

    • As a filmmaker you need to pay special attention to the visual aspect in order to capture every moment of emotion. For that reason you can always trust FEELWORLD monitors technology, which allows you to bring your full capacity and creativity taking care of every detail in the most efficient way possible. FEELWORLD monitor helps you to capture those precious moments that you cannot afford to miss.

    Easy Multi-angle Monitoring

    • It’s not easy to evaluate your shot solely through your camera’s built-in monitor, especially if the entire unit is constantly rotating on a gimbal/ stabilizer, the camera on crane rig jib, One of the biggest issues when you are doing low-angle/ high angle shot is monitoring what you’re shooting. FEELWORLD monitor is ideal tool for you to monitor the scene since you can install it where you can conveniently see it.

    F5 Is FEELWORLD Newest Improve User Experience Design

    • 5 inch small lightweight design, ideal both for gimbal and camera setups, full HD 1920X1080 resolution, with Rec.709 professional color calibration, accurate color reproduction. 4K HDMI Input/ Output Without Delay. Come with a 360° tilt arm better monitoring angel, instead traditional hot shoe mount. 8.4V DC out, real time power charge for camera. Built in two battery plate: Sony F970, Canon LP-E6.

    Rp 2,599,000
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