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Sony Ultra Wide Converter SEL075UWC
  • Sony Ultra Wide Converter SEL075UWC
  • Sony Ultra Wide Converter SEL075UWC

Sony Ultra Wide Converter SEL075UWC

Rp. 3,349,000

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The outer barrel of the lens is constructed from high quality plastics that feel solid and give a good impression of robustness as does the dust and moisture resistant design. The converter fits to the plastic bayonet on the front of the lens via its own plastic bayonet. As the converter weighs 267g, it isn't overly heavy, but you'd be forgiven for being concerned about the longevity of the connection between the two lenses. No electronic contacts are exposed and the camera automatically detects the presence of the converter, limiting the maximum aperture and adjusting the EXIF data, as if by magic. When coupled with the 28mm lens, the pair balance reasonably well with the Alpha 7R body used for testing. Auto focus speeds seem to be largely unaffected by the converter. Closest focus distance of the pair is closer than with the 28mm lens used on its own. Minimum focus distance with the converter is 24cm when using AF and 20cm when focusing manually. There is no filter thread on the converter and the filter thread on the 28mm lens cannot be used, which may disappoint those wishing to use graduated, polarising or any other special effect filters with this lens combination. A shallow, permanent shade is built into the front of the converter lens.
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